Ride on a real race track, not on the street, no more speeding tickets and all the hassles.
We  offer you a chance to ride with other enthusiasts in several levels of riding experience from
fast, Intermediate to Newcomer, on two miles of twisted black asphalt with fourteen turns.

Online Signup
Track Day Pricing
Saturdays or Sundays $170 per day per Rider, if you signup the day of the event.
If you pre-register before the event the cost will be $150 
 << Pre-Pay and Signup >>
Pre-registration will CLOSE at 12:00 Noon on the Friday before a track day weekend. You will have to pay $170 at the track if you don't pre-register by that Friday.
Track Days are Rain or Shine - No Refunds or Transfers

Mondays $120 per Rider
$10.00 Per Per Person GATE FEE
The $10.00 Gate Fee is for Jenningsgp Track Days. Please note that if you are attending an event that is being hosted by another party, such as WERA, CCS, or others, additional charges may apply that are set by the event holder.

Book all three days (Sat/Sun/Mon) for $400 per Rider
Please pre book to avoid disappointment
Block booking discounts & club membership also available. 

Package Deal - $1325. - Any 10 Track Days

386.938.1110 or email us at info@jenningsgp.com
You may fill out the Registration form at the bottom of this page and bring it with you to speed up the registration process.

**Track Rental**
Max Track Capacity 40 Rider per Group

Weekday Track Rental Mon - Fri

1 - 6 Riders $2695
7 - 15 Riders $3395
16 - 30  Riders $3995
31 - 50 Riders $4495

$70 per additional Rider after 50

Weekend Track Rental Sat - Sun
Max Track Capacity 40 Rider per Group

$5295 Up to 50 Riders for a Saturday or Sunday.
$100 Per additional rider over 50 riders.

$9795 Saturday and Sunday
$100 Per additional rider over 50 riders

$13,200 For 3 Days - Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Saturday, Sunday, Monday.
Track Amenities
Track orientation class will be available free of charge for Novice riders
Limited Leathers, Boots and Gloves rental
Tire Service - Tires for Sale, Mounting
Trackside Photography
Trackside concession - Food & Drink (we recommend bringing plenty of liquids)
Free Camping
Free Showers
Click here for Location and lodging<<click>>

Electricity - $20 per day or $40 for the weekend

DOGS - Please be responsible with your pets.
- Please clean up after your pets.
- Please don't let your pets run free - This is dangerous!
- Thank you for being a responsible pet owner.

Track Days are Rain or Shine - ::No Refunds or Transfers::

You must be at least 12 years of age to participate in a Jenningsgp event.  Please call the track office for more details.
Please check out our concession and Photographer by clicking the links below

Bike Requirements  

Minimal Bike Preparation  All glass, headlight, turn signals, and plastic lenses,
taped over or removed.
Mirrors removed
License Plates removed
Passenger foot pegs zip-tied or removed.

Bike Noise The AMA, major race organization, and JENNINGSGP enforce a noise regulation of 102db for Motorcycles.  Bikes exceeding 102db will not be allowed on the track.

Tires Tires should be at least 75% of new condition.  Tire venders will be available for the purchase of new tires

Brakes and Bike Brakes and all bike equipment must be in good working condition

Recommended Bike Prep
(not required)
Remove all lighting fuses
Removal of coolant and replaced with water & water wetter
Tire weights taped
Kickstand removed (you will need a bike stand if this is performed)
Rider Requirements   

Helmet Helmet must be undamaged DOT full faced Helmet with face shield

Riding Boots Riding Boots must cover the ankles

Riding Gloves Gloves must cover entire hand and extend over the wrist

Leather Suits Leather Suit may be one piece or two piece that zips together
Track Day Schedule All efforts will be made to allow the maximum amount of track time for each group.
7:00 AM Gates open
Liability waiver will require your signature at front gate
7:30 AM Registration
You may download the registration form at the bottom of this page to have pre-filled out to speed up the registration process.
9:00 AM First Track Session
12:00-ish 1 Hour lunch break
  Back on the track after lunch

JENNINGSGP offers riders participating in a specified Track Day to experience the passion of racing by entering an SRRS (Southern Road Race Series) race.

No race license is required and everyone participating in the specified Track Day may enter the race for FREE.

SRRS races do not interfere with the Track Day scheduled for that day

The racers will be divided in to two groups, Pro & Novice.
Lap times under 1:30 will be in the Pro racing group.
Lap times over 1:30 will be in the Novice racing group.

We do ask that you place a racing number on your bike for the race.  You may purchase numbers at your local motorcycle shop and it would be best if you have a unique number.  Yes we would all like to be #1.

Sign up for the races will be held the morning of your Track Day.  Races will start after the lunch break.

Please check the schedule for specified SRRS events. 

Good luck and have fun!


Registration Form PDF Format <<Download>>
<<Get Acrobat Reader>>

Registration Form Word Format <<Download>>